Barry “Anthrax” Louzada

Esports & Shoutcasting Legend

Barry “Anthrax” Louzada has over 15 years in competitive gaming as a player, including 6 DGC titles playing Battlefield, prior to his switch to commentating and hosting. Barry is a talented desk host and commentator who has worked on a number of South African CS:GO and Battlefield events.

In 2014, Anthrax chose to move from the competitive gaming arena and take up shoutcasting, both for CS:GO and Battlefield. His experience competing at the highest levels of the sport allows him a far more advanced and deeper understanding into the decisions made by competitive gamers in game. This foresight has cemented Anthrax as one of the leading South African authorities in the eSports fold.

Early 2017 saw the formation of Mettlestate – a multi-gaming and esports organisation forging the future of esports in South Africa, with Anthrax at the forefront of all the action.