Graeme Selvan

Co-owner of Robot Wizard & Jengo Lead

Co-owner of Robot Wizard studios and lead developer on a new adventure game called Jengo

Graeme also handled all PR for Xbox Microsoft from 2012 – 2015. He gave all technical presentations, dealt with the media and did a fair amount of public speaking on the brand. He also ran the social media and audio pod-cast show for Xbox in South Africa. He then went on to head the PR of Megarom Interactive from 2015 – 2016. After that, he was the Project Manager of Gaming at Liquid Telecom. Now he is the CC Lead at Mint Management Technologies.

Jengo is a point and click adventure game about a guy (Jeff) who must save the universe. Nothing remarkable about that – until your eye catches the game art, and before you know it you’re fascinated with Jengo’s adventure. The game world looks gorgeous, somewhat like if an incredibly talented artist wandered into a video game and decided to paint a story of the world around him.

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